Spotlight on practice

Some projects we’ve found inspirational this month…
Roots and Boots.jpg

Roots and Boots garden project from Brighton & Hove Food Partnership is helping vulnerable adults through gardening projects to build confidence and self-esteem

Thrive London.jpg

Thrive London is providing volunteering opportunities in community gardens that have been considered lifesaving by those who have been participating during the pandemic

Wetland Centre.jpg

London Wetlands Centre Is running courses focusing on wildlife beauty as therapy to help alleviate depression and anxiety


Icandance is nurturing creativity, learning and wellbeing in children and young people with disabilities through dance and movement

Geese Theatre Company.jpg

The Geese Theatre Company is providing innovative issue-based theatre and training solutions to facilitate choice, responsibility and change within criminal justice and social welfare settings

Argyle Community Trust.jpg

Argyle Community Trust is delivering a wide range of sports and nature based activities, giving people experiencing loneliness and mental ill health issues access to one-to-one intervention  

policy and strategy updates

The UCL Institute of Health Equity has produced the report Build Back Fairer: the Covid-19 Marmot Review, reflecting on how the pandemic has increased inequalities and the steps government and others need to take

What Works Wellbeing has produced the report ‘Places, spaces, people and wellbeing / Community hubs and green space’ which is a systematic review on the evidence base for improving people’s wellbeing through changes to community infrastructure

The Institute for Connected Communities at the University of East London has published a two-year evaluation of social prescribing for young people in three English sites in collaboration with StreetGames and other community organisations

What Works Wellbeing has released a briefing using Covid Social Study data entitled ‘How has Covid-19 and the associated lockdown measures affected mental health and wellbeing in the UK?’

The King’s Fund has updated the explainer on Communities and Health

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport have published the policy paper ‘Emerging Emerging Together: the Tackling Loneliness Network Action Plan’

The National Criminal Justice Alliance has released a guide for prison staff which gives recommendations on how those working in prisons can give access to creative activity

The Audience Agency has produced the first summary report from the Cultural Participation Monitor data to see who is more negatively impacted and how that relates to, or exacerbates, previously existing and ongoing inequalities in audiences

Natural England has produced a report on nature connectedness among adults and children in England

The Heritage Fund has released the Space to Thrive Report, which is a rapid evidence review of the benefits of parks and green spaces for people and communities

The Baring Foundation has published Creatively Minded: an initial mapping study of participatory arts and mental health activity in the UK.

The University of Westminster has published the report Mapping Meaningful Outcomes, which examines what  successful social prescribing look like

What Works Wellbeing have drafted a report which sets out the state of the evidence and next steps for applying a wellbeing approach to decision making in the UK