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For a sample of some of the research in this field, see the suggested reading below.


Each month, we will add a sample of new papers to the list. You can recommend papers by tweeting them @NetworkMARCH

Recommended articles for June 2021:

  • Facilitating participation in community arts groups could help to promote healthy aging, enabling more fulfilling and satisfying lives

  • An online creative intervention has improved mood and wellbeing for 55 adults, with the pattern of clinically significant change comparable to other psychological therapy

  • Increased connectedness to nature may lead to healthier and more sustainable food choices for primary healthcare professionals

  • A systematic review of music therapy interventions for stroke patients has found almost 80% to show a positive result, supporting physical and mental health

  • Volunteering can assist in personal growth and development, providing a purposeful and meaningful way to develop connections with others

Previously recommended articles: