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For a sample of some of the research in this field, see the suggested reading below.


Each month, we will add a sample of new papers to the list. You can recommend papers by tweeting them @NetworkMARCH

Recommended articles for March 2021:

  1. Asset-based community engagement with artists can create a community dialogue about the causes of diabetes and prevention strategies. 

  2. An art exhibition has been used to understand children’s perspectives of the pandemic situation. 

  3. An article exploring online community engagement in response to the COVID‐19 pandemic has been published. 

  4. A mixed-methods review of participatory arts interventions has noted perceived benefits to mental health, but it highlights the dearth of studies focused on men. 

  5. A review has explored the effects of performing arts participation, including noting that positive health effects were associated with as little as 30-60 minutes of participation.

Previously recommended articles: 

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