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For a sample of some of the research in this field, see the suggested reading below.


Each month, we will add a sample of new papers to the list. You can recommend papers by tweeting them @NetworkMARCH

Recommended articles for May 2020:

  1. Participating in and exhibiting art can help recovery from mental health challenges through providing structure, building community and creating personal stories

  2. Green exercise' (physical activity in nature) improves mental wellbeing, especially for people with low wellbeing

  3. Dance programmes can have psychosocial benefits such as increased cross—community friendships, intercultural awareness and self- confidence 

  4. Frequent arts participation and cultural attendance is associated with lower levels of mental distress and higher levels of life satisfaction

  5. Colouring in’ as a sustained hobby can lead to improved wellbeing through the mechanisms of meditation, mindfulness and self-care

Previously recommended articles: 

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